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This is the 12th by-monthly report since March 12, 2020 when the plug was pulled on the BKB Season.  The previous 11 reports can be accessed in their entirety at or


I could give you an assurance of the status of CFB for the 2020 Season.  But that would belie the fact that it remains so fluid that it could change by the time you read this!  As it stands at this writing, 77 of the 130 teams are planning to play football in the Fall of 2020.  That includes Power 5 Conferences, SEC, ACC, BIG 12, and Group of 5 leagues AAC, CUSA, SUN BELT.

What I will question is how can you allow, in the case of some schools, tens of thousands of students to return to campus, but cancel or postpone football, whose players are clearly in a far safer bubble-like atmosphere than a college campus.  If you have medical advice to cancel or postpone the season of these protected football players, then the next logical step is to demand that the entire US population return to shelter-in-place.  AND WE ALL KNOW THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!  Refusing to take into account the opinions of players, some of whom have a career worth millions of dollars on the line, to factor into the decision to cancel or postpone, assumes these players health is less protected than the general population… yet another fallacious assumption.  THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THESE CHOICES WERE DOING SO SIMPLY TO COVER THEIR OWN ASS.


If you have unmet expectations that have led to disappointment about the current status of CFB then you are inevitably feeling resentment, offering criticism, accessing blame, and feeling angry.  Looking for someone to blame?  Read (what some of you hope will be) my final social commentary of the season which follows.


As I wrote in a previous memorandum, “The United States will not have a healthy economy until we have a healthy population”.  In other words, “A” will not happen until “B” occurs.  Regrettably, this may not happen for more than a year!  And that will come at a cost of trillions of wasted dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives

That, in spite of improved therapeutics such as remdesevir, other anti-virals in the pipeline, as well as immunomodulators.  Eventually a vaccine will emerge, most probably in the 1st quarter of 2021, resulting in a healthier population by the end of 2021.  THAT IS IF AMERICANS HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO RECEIVE THE INJECTION.


There is little doubt that we are the “spoiled child” among nations of the world.  As a result, it is no surprise that our younger (sub-30) population railed at the thought of sacrificing their freedom for the benefit of the health of the nation.  It is the epitome of an egotistical response.  Was this preventable?

Nations such as South Korea, for example, learned their lessons from previous MERS and SARS outbreaks.  They immediately began testing and contact tracing, nipping it in the bud.  Another successful example is Canada (now banning U.S. travel) who “sucked it up” by sheltering-in-place as a nation, while strictly following all mitigating protocols, and is now virtually COVID FREE.  The island nation of New Zealand is another example.  They followed the same protocol, while closing their borders.  Even the EU, once a potential epicenter of COVID, has made immense strides in greatly limiting the pandemic.  They, too, are banning U.S. travel.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to sit in limbo with NO STRICT FEDERAL GUIDELINES.  In recent weeks, the epicenter peaked in the Sun Belt states.  It is now moving to the mid-west where rural communities will be hard hit. A 250,000 person motorcycle  rally in South Dakota is the latest example that will no doubt result in a quarter of a million people potentially spreading the virus nation-wide, an example of the fact even our middle-aged population is unwilling to sacrifice.  The result is that with only 4.4% of the world’s population; we have almost 25% of the cases of COVID in the world.

Finally, there is the U.S. Congress who has known for months that $600/week unemployment for over 40 million Americans had relied upon, would expire July 31st.  The same holds true for eviction relief.  Yet their inflated egos have precluded a solution, SAD!


It is easier to let the negative events of the past, rather than our anxiety about the future, impact us.  With little to no concern about how COVID might affect one’s future health, millions of young Americans put themselves at risk.  Sadly, it is now being discovered that there are significant dangers to one’s cardiovascular system and lungs for COVID survivors.

Perhaps of even greater concern is the way in which the enemies of the U.S. may respond to our reaction to a pandemic.  There is now great incentive for our nation to be put at risk of a man-made virus that is unleashed in our society.  Could we be on the brink of the previously unthinkable concept of biological warfare?

That, of course, begs the question of whether we, as a nation, have learned from the harsh realities of our handling of this current pandemic.  Only time may tell, should we be faced with such a challenge.


I plan to return on Monday, August 24th with more solid evidence of when the first CFB games will be played and the first time CFB game selections will be released via email.  In that regard, there will no longer be any voicemail option for receiving selections.  Those of you who do not receive selections via email will be asked to contact our office at 724-715-7186 for selections.

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